This blog is all about the two overriding interests in my life, football and geek culture. The former being the American, concussion-factory variety and the latter being anything in modern American society that involves lightsabers.

Our influence grows.

Being a Georgia alumnus and lifelong Bulldog fan, you’ll find the majority of the football stories on here will follow the Red & Black. Still, being a fan of the game, I will endeavor to cover the greater stories from the college and pro football landscape.

I say “cover,” but the more appropriate verb/phrase is probably “make fun of.” I have no real sources other than the blogs I read (and will encourage you to read) so I’ll not be breaking any stories. What I WILL do is give my perspective on the football world, and try to reconcile the separate worlds of my interests, even if that means a “SEC Coaches As Characters From ‘The Venture Bros.'” list.

Ed Orgeron. Clearly.

The other half (or third, if it’s football season) of the blog will be, ahem, “covering” video games, comic books and the occasional movie or TV show. That sounds a bit nebulous, but you’ll find that most, if not all, of these things will bear the mark of nerdiness as I am an incurable dork. And yes, there is a treatment for curing geek. The detox is a real bear, though, and I am told that each time they tried to take my third edition D&D Player’s Handbook, I shanked the orderly with a shiv made from a Worf action figure. Sorry, Jerome!

So, I suppose the purpose of this blog is to create a forum for those of us who are familiar with both David Tennant and David Pollack, who own a football jersey and a Futurama DVD set. Here’s the shortened “About” section: if you’ve ever thought Howard Schnellenberger was the inspiration for Admiral William Adama, then maybe you’ll like it here. And you’re absolutely right.


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