Where It’s At: World Cup, The Other Football Season, Inception

Goodness, it’s been a little while, hasn’t it?

This will be a different kind of post, and there are a few reasons for that:

1) I promised a post about the World Cup final and didn’t deliver, so I need to wrap that whole thing up.

2) I’m working on a great deal of things at once, and I’ve not yet been able to come up with a full-fledged post. So, this will be, mostly, an update and preview post.

3) I can’t stand having that stunningly bad Germany-Spain prediction front and center any longer.

First: World Cup. As I’m sure you know, Spain came out on top. Behind them, the standings go Netherlands, Germany, and Uruguay, with my man Diego Forlan of La Celeste taking home the Golden Ball.

Looking back, I see that I was really in a college football sort of mindset in regards to Spain. The only sports season I could think of with the same intensity and importance as the World Cup was the college football season. And though the emotion is the same, the structure is certainly not. I saw Spain lose to Switzerland and forgot that, immediately dismissing the Spaniards.

I did not, however, dismiss their championship hair.

But, they played every game better than the previous one, though the score-line wouldn’t tell you that. 1-0 all the way down the line wasn’t going to convert the American audience, but I’m pretty sure Villa and co. didn’t give dos mierdas about that. Can’t blame them. Congrats, Spain. You’ve got four years.

In the coming weeks, I plan on putting a nail in this World Cup thing with a look at the US roster from South Africa, analyzing who’s worth a damn, who played over their head, who needs to go, and providing a ludicrously early guesstimation of who’ll still be representing us in Brazil in 2014. HINT: Do you know the names of our back four? Don’t worry about it.

As one football winds down, the other gears up. I’m as happy as Terrance Cody at a Tuscaloosa Golden Corral. God, it feels good to make those references again.

Since it’s been so long I should remind you, once fall gets started, this place will dominated with college football talk, mostly UGA. But there’s bound to be some Atlanta Falcons discussion as well. So have no fear: this way, you’re guaranteed to have a little bit of misery every week!

Right now I’m working on a preview of UGA’s schedule. Woah, now, geek readers. Come on back. You know me. This article’s still going to have a little dork flavor to it, trust me. I’m a football fan, yes, but I also have Serenity paused on the DVD player at this very moment. Not joking about that, actually, so this post is going to have to wrap up soon.

Finally, some sweet, syrupy geekiness. I saw Inception yesterday. I considered writing up a review, but anything I could say in 500-800 words could be said just as quickly in a paragraph or two.

Inception is goddamn fantastic. As I was watching, I realized (and I don’t make this statement lightly) it was one of the best movies I’d seen in years. It’s complex, but it doesn’t assume the audience are idiots. There is a good amount of exposition in the beginning, but it doesn’t bore you, and before you know it, the movie hits the afterburners and hopes you were paying attention earlier. And even if they go back on some of the rules they establish, you don’t really care. You’re too busy being entertained right out of your mind.

The visuals make your knees weak and your jaw loose. The music is thunderous and pulls the drama taut. And for a flashy actioner, the movie has a pretty emotional finale, all thanks to a great, great cast. You know what? That bears repeating. Despite being the kind of movie that could coast on technical achievements, Inception really does have a stellar cast. They’re all unique and immensely likable, even the “target” of the caper that dominates the plot.

So there’s your two paragraphs. Go see it. I promise you, it’s worth your money.

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