Georgia Bulldogs Update: FFS, Damon…

So, we’ve got less than 12 hours before Brazil and the Netherlands kick off the World Cup quarterfinals. Let’s leave the sweating and praying to all the Brazilians and Dutch. Now’s as good a time as any to get caught up with that other kind of football, particularly the college brand, and the GREATEST TEAM IN THE NATION, THE GEOR-

A-alright. Then… the best team IN THE SOUTHEAST, THE GEO-

Yes, sir. The um, the best team in the… SEC?

MY FAVORITE TEAM. Fine, then. My favorite team. The Georgia Bulldogs.

Let’s go ahead and get the worst out of the way:

Damn. It.

That right there is Damon Evans, (as of this writing) athletic director for the University of Georgia. See, Damon got drunk last night, walked into a parking lot, leaned against his car, took a few deep, wine-laden (Look at those eyes. That’s wine. That’s what wine does.) breaths, and nodded, convinced he was totally good to drive.

Then, what happens when you drive down a main thoroughfare while sloshed and receiving a massive paycheck from a massively profitable business… happened. Damon failed some field sobriety tests, got hauled in, refused to submit to a Breathalyzer, and was held overnight.

This sucks. A lot. Georgia, in Damon’s tenure, has established itself as a no-nonsense sort of establishment. The players don’t get into a lot of trouble, and when they do it’s usually for (arguably) innocent transgressions involving scooters or expired licenses. When alcohol is involved, Georgia’s very strict and very structured in its response. In fact, Zach Mettenberger was kicked off the team for being involved in two separate incidents stemming from alcohol possession/consumption.

So, Damon could be gone. If he is, Georgia fans could be at the mercy of Michael Adams.

It should be noted: Michael Adams knows nothing of mercy.

If Damon goes, then Adams will have to find his successor. And he’ll have to find one quickly, which means he’ll be able to handpick whoever he wants. Any sort of oversight can be bypassed because the massive, listing USS Dawg Athletics will need someone at the helm RIGHT EFFING THEN. This is bad news because Adams doesn’t have the best track record with… well, anything.

Plus, Coach Richt is at the most critical point of his career. The results of this year will, arguably, either damn or save him. But that’s provided there’s an AD in place who has a history with Richt, and a good view of the context of that decision. A new AD likely won’t have that. And if this new AD is anything like Adams, he’ll likely be looking for a way to make his mark on the program immediately. Replacing Richt would, for good or ill, sear that AD’s name into the minds of every Georgia fan until the day they die.

But all this assumes that Evans is fired. He made a statement earlier today and spoke with reporters and the general mood, along with some sources close to Evans, seemed to indicate that he might offer his resignation. But, if he doesn’t, I don’t think this is the kind of situation that will destroy his career at UGA. He made a terrible decision, no doubt, and he should face punishment, but this indiscretion won’t affect his ability to perform his job, should he keep it.

Now, though, it’s a waiting game. We wait to see what will happen and deal with it when it comes. If Evans leaves, then we pray that Adams doesn’t screw us. If he stays, we pray that Evans doesn’t screw up again. Either way, this is big news that could affect all Georgia athletics in a big way.

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